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Kulakaya is a beautiful combination of 2 Sanskrit words – Kula meaning family and Kaya meaning body. Together they allow us to 'bring our body home'. When we take time at end of life to slow things down, to consider our options and preferences, and allow our friends and family to become involved in end of life and after death care processes, it changes how we grieve. To support someone through end of life and after death care is an honour, a privilege, and a reverence that is deeply felt.

As an end of life doula, Jancine supports families and local community in improving death literacy, grief and bereavement processes. She supports those nearing end of life to navigate their preferred death and dying experience by exploring their personal values and what matters most for them.

Through Kulakaya, Jancine specialises in bringing end of life home by supporting families in honouring end of life and after death care wishes and preferences, including ritual bathing, vigil, shrouding, celebration of life and memorial services.

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Advance care planning
Palliative care options
Dying at home
Caring for the carer
Family led death care
Vigil, ritual and ceremony
Legacy of love workshops
Cooling plate hire
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