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Im currently a training birth and postpartum doula. Im passionate about supporting women and their families throughout their greatest transition yet. My role as your doula is to provide informational, emotional and physical support from pregnancy through to postpartum. Im a loving, kindhearted happy mum that wholeheartedly trusts the physiological process of birth. I believe birth is beautifully empowering and want to change the fear based societal narrative by helping you understand the anatomy, physiology and endocrinology processes of birth. I believe it truly does take a village when raising children, so I take particular interest and care in my postpartum support services. Everyone prepares for birth but not so much postpartum. I tailor my services to the individual needs of the family. I love all things health and wellness, I have a passion for cooking yummy nutritious foods and of course am obsessed with babies. My main focus however, is to nurture the mother and help amplify her innate mothering instincts by guiding her to soften into the season she is in.

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